What\’s the record for the most times someone has climbed Mount Everest?

What\’s the record for the most times someone has climbed Mount Everest?

Everest Conquests: The Record for the Most Climbs

Mount Everest is often dubbed the final frontier for climbers across the globe. It is the ultimate item on many an adventurer’s bucket lists, recognized as a symbol of human determination and endurance. The monumental task of climbing it even once is quite a feat. However, there are a select few individuals who have taken on this daunting quest multiple times, pushing the boundaries of human resilience and fortitude.

The Taming of Everest

Since the first successful expedition by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzig Norgay in 1953, Mount Everest has witnessed countless climbers attempting to achieve what can only be described as an astounding physical and mental feat.

Despite its potential hazards and the extreme physical and mental battles presented, the surge in attempts to conquer this colossal peak hasn’t dampened. This fascination has not only increased the number of climbers trying their luck but also led to a few individuals aiming to set records by climbing it repeatedly.

The Undisputed Champion

The title of the most prolific Mount Everest climber goes to a superhuman Nepalese Sherpa, Kami Rita. Rita, a native of Thame village located in the shadow of Everest, first summited the mountain in 1994. Since then, he has managed to make the trip to the top of the world a mind-boggling 24 times.

In May 2019, Rita broke his own record for the most climbs of Everest, scaling the summit twice in a week – first on May 15th and then again on May 21st. It pushed his total successful climbs to an unprecedented 24, far exceeding anyone else’s tally.

Kami Rita: A Life Dedicated to Everest

Rita’s familiarity with Everest started early. Born into a mountaineering family, he followed in the footsteps of his father, who was a guide on Everest for western climbing expeditions. Before embarking on his first Everest climb, Rita had already made his name in the mountaineering world, acting as a guide on other high-altitude peaks in Nepal, including Kanchenjunga and Cho Oyu, giving him the experience and resilience necessary to tackle Everest.

For Rita, climbing Everest isn’t merely about setting records. It’s a livelihood for him, a commitment that grants him a reliable income. In an interview, Rita admitted that his wish is to continue climbing until his body allows.

The Everest Climbing Community

While Rita leads Everest’s climbing records, there are honorable mentions. Apa Sherpa and Phurba Tashi Sherpa, both from Nepal, share the second spot with successful 21 summits each. The trio’s achievements underline the physical strength, mental prowess, and their deep understanding of the mountain, affirming the integral role Sherpas play in Everest expeditions.


1. Who has climbed Mount Everest the most times?

The record for the most Everest ascents belongs to Kami Rita, a Sherpa from Nepal, with an astonishing 24 successful summits.

2. Can one individual climb Mount Everest multiple times?

Yes, several individuals have scaled Mount Everest multiple times. These climbers are typically guides, also known as Sherpas, who assist other climbers in their expeditions.

3. When was the first time Kami Rita climbed Mount Everest?

Kami Rita made his first successful climb up Mount Everest in 1994. Over the years, he has consistently conquered the peak, setting a new record with 24 successful climbs.

4. Who are the other Sherpas who have repeatedly climbed Everest?

Apa Sherpa and Phurba Tashi Sherpa, both Nepalese, share the second spot for the most Everest climbs. Each has successfully climbed to the summit of Mount Everest 21 times.

5. Why do Sherpas climb Mount Everest repeatedly?

Most Sherpas climb Mount Everest as part of their profession, guiding and assisting other climbers on their expeditions. It’s an income source for them and their families.

While these records continue to inspire mountaineers worldwide, they also highlight the profound and enduring relationship between Sherpas and Mount Everest, reflecting their deep respect and love for this iconic mountain. Understanding this bond is key to respecting the mountain’s dignity while elevating the climbing experience for those who dream of conquering the world’s highest peak.