Is there wifi on Mount Everest?

Is there wifi on Mount Everest?

Is There WiFi on Mount Everest?

The world’s highest peak, Mount Everest, is one of the most challenging locations for human existence. However, as modern technology advances, several amenities and conveniences have been introduced even at such high altitude. One such modern facility that many might wonder about is access to WiFi. For adventurers setting off on an Everest expedition, there’s no need to fear digital disconnection. Surprisingly, the answer to “Is There WiFi on Mount Everest?” is thumpingly YES.

A Brave New Era of Connectivity

In the early years of Everest expeditions, communication with the outside world was practically impossible. With technological advancements, the scenario took a remarkable turn for the better. In 2010, a Nepalese telecommunications company, Ncell, installed the first 3G station at Gorakshep, the last stop on the trek to Everest base camp. This move revolutionized connectivity for both climbers and the local community.

The Prominence of Wifi on Mount Everest

Ncell’s 3G services are available until around 5200m above sea level. Beyond this point, WiFi is provided by satellite internet networks. Several expedition companies offer customized services to their clients, with communication packages that include satellite phone usage and broadband connectivity.

Many climbers opt to use these packages to stay connected with their loved ones back home, update their social media or blog posts with their progress, and access necessary information instantly. This WiFi is not just for climbers; it also benefits the people of remote villages along the trekking trail, facilitating them with better connectivity related to health, education and communication.

The Cost of Connectivity

While the convenience is undeniably impressive, it comes with a significant price tag. The cost of using these WiFi services on Mount Everest is notably high, often reaching figures north of $1000 for unlimited access throughout the expedition. However, considering the location and the expenses involved in ensuring connectivity at such high altitudes, these prices are understandable.

A Double-edged Sword

While the availability of WiFi on the top of the world represents an incredible leap in global connectivity, it also presents potential drawbacks. Some veteran climbers argue that access to the internet and social media can be a distraction from the focus and resilience required in mountaineering. However, the benefits far outweigh these potential drawbacks, especially in terms of safety and the ability to call for help in emergencies.


1. How reliable is the WiFi network on Mount Everest?

Internet connection on Mount Everest can sometimes be unstable due to harsh weather conditions, journey timeline and the altitude. However, efforts are made to ensure reasonable connectivity most of the time.

2. What is the speed of the internet connection on Mount Everest?

Depending on weather conditions and the number of users, the speed can range between 2Mbps and 6Mbps, which is often good enough for making phone calls, browsing the internet, and updating social media.

3. Are there other methods of communication available on Mount Everest?

Yes, apart from WiFi, satellite phones are commonly used for communication purposes. There are also some short-range walkie-talkies provided for climbers.

4. Can you make video calls using the WiFi on Mount Everest?

You can make video calls, however, bear in mind that the connection may not be stable and the quality of the call can be compromised due to network congestion and weather conditions.

5. Who provides the WiFi on Mount Everest?

A Nepalese Telecom company, Ncell, provides 3G services up to certain altitudes while satellite internet networks take over beyond those points. Additionally, many expedition companies also offer WiFi as part of their packages.

In conclusion, company offerings and technological advancements have indeed made it possible to stay connected even on the highest point on earth. The availability of WiFi on Mount Everest is a testament to how far human connectivity has come and how much further it might go in the future.